Pontoon Charters For Every Occasion

From families seeking quality time together to lively bachelorette parties, and everything in between, our pontoon charters offer an exceptional way to celebrate and create lasting memories on your boat trip to Crab Island located in Destin, Florida.

Families: Quality Time

Families looking to escape the ordinary will find our pontoon charters to be a perfect fit. Parents and kids can bond while cruising the waters of Destin, enjoying swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities such as dolphin sightings. Our spacious luxury pontoons provide the ideal setting for creating cherished family memories against the backdrop of Florida's stunning Emerald Coast.

Bachelorette Parties: A Unique Celebration

For brides-to-be and their squads, a bachelorette party on a luxury pontoon is an unforgettable celebration. Cruise the waves, dance to your favorite tunes, and soak up the sun while our captains handle the navigation. Our all-inclusive packages ensure a worry-free experience, letting the bride and her friends revel in the excitement of the occasion.

Bachelor Parties: Adventure & Relaxation

Grooms and their friends seeking adventure and relaxation can also find it aboard our luxury pontoons. Explore hidden coves, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, or simply bask in the sun. Our captains will take care of the details, allowing the group to focus on enjoying the experience together.

Special Occasions: Unforgettable Memories

Whether it's a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or a reunion, our pontoon charters set the stage for unforgettable memories. The serene waters and breathtaking views provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating life's special moments. With all-inclusive options, you can focus on making memories while our captains handle the logistics.

Transportation Taken Care Of

One of the standout features of our pontoon charters is the convenience of transportation provided by our experienced captains. We handle the logistics, ensuring you and your group can focus solely on enjoying the journey and the destination. Leave the worries of driving behind, and let us take care of getting you to and from the charter location.

Embark on Your Adventure

From families seeking quality bonding time to groups celebrating special occasions, our luxury pontoon charters offer a versatile experience that caters to all. With all-inclusive options and the convenience of transportation, you can focus on creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. Embark on a pontoon adventure that's tailored to your group's unique style and preferences.